Our Investment Process

Our real estate investment framework focuses on repositioning properties utilizing our three step process: Acquisition, Stabilization, and Optimization.

Our Investment Framework

Our real estate investment framework concentrates on building value through asset transformation. Our three phase process serves as a roadmap to guide our team from the initial acquisition of a property all the way through long-term management strategy.

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    During the Acquisition phase of our process, the Commonwealth Collective team identifies a target property, analyzes the property metrics and potential for future cash flow, and works to secure the deal. This phase includes, but is not limited to

    • Determine the property ARV (After Repair Value)
    • Identify funding sources for purchase and renovations and explore financing options
    • Map out NOI optimization
    • Perform due diligence inspections and research

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    Once the property has been acquired, we next move to the Stabilization phase. This encompasses all aspects of property renovations, rehabilitation, and management strategy that will contribute to a stabilized, well performing property. This phase includes, but is not limited to:

    • Map out a detailed rehabilitation plan and CapX schedule
    • Performing unit inspections and interviews with existing tenants
    • Preparing marketing materials for lease-up
    • Build out the maintenance, leasing, and marketing teams

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    After the complete Stabilization phase has been closed out, our team transitions to the Optimization phase, which will continue for the duration of our ownership. Optimization focuses on ensuring the property performs well and provides a high quality place for tenants to reside. This phase includes, but is not limited to:

    • Establishing and a regular maintenance walkthrough schedule
    • Performing property inspections
    • Tracking utility usage and opportunities for cost reduction
    • Tracking tenant retention
    • Soliciting tenant input on areas of improvement

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