We specialize in revitalizing and increasing the value of neglected, distressed, or underutilized properties.


Founded in 2016, the Commonwealth Collective, LLC is a New England based real estate investment company focused on strategic property acquisition, renovation, and rental. The company currently owns and operates residential and commercial rental properties in Maine and New Hampshire.

The Commonwealth Collective team specializes in identifying properties in need of restoration, creating detailed improvement plans, and optimizing the property management process - increasing the ultimate return on investment.


Michael Ketchen Headshot.jpg

Michael Ketchen


Michael has always had a profound interest in real estate investment, and after working as a high school administrator for over a decade, brought his vision to life by leading the creation of the Commonwealth Collective, LLC. Having served in a leadership capacity for most of his professional career, he brings effective management and networking skills to the company, thriving on meeting others within the industry and building new relationships. Michael prides himself on his problem-solving skills and resourceful attitude, which have served the company well.

Hannah Ketchen Headshot.jpg

Hannah Ketchen


After working for years in nonprofit fundraising communications, including writing and graphic design, Hannah pivoted to apply her skills to manage the company’s creative and administrative processes. Responsible for tracking overall company expenditures and ensuring all projects remain on budget, she also serves as the design lead, selecting materials, finishes, and decor to complement each property’s unique ambiance while collaborating with contractors and other vendors to help translate and achieve the company’s vision.

Matthew Hitchcock Headshot.jpg

Matthew Hitchcock


Prior to co-founding the Commonwealth Collective, LLC, Matthew was a successful independent real estate investor, having purchased and managed properties in the Massachusetts Merrimack Valley, an area and market he knows well. Matthew deftly applies his professional skills in marketing and management, honed through years of working in sales and recruitment, to creatively market the company’s properties, secure and manage renters, and strengthen the company’s ever-increasing social media presence.